{Crash Course of GCSE | IGCSE | O-Level | A-Level | SAT I&II | IELTS | Grade 3-8 started from 7th June 2021}

Crash Course of GCSE | IGCSE | O-Level | A-Level | SAT I&II | IELTS | Grade 3-8 On Campus classes has been classes started from 7th June 2021 (Monday) at Green Hall Academy Gulberg Campus.
On Campus/Online Summer Session 2021 of GCSE, IGCSE, O-Level, A-Level, SAT I&II, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, Grade 3-8 and Past Papers Session has been started from 7th June 2021 (Monday) at GreenHall Academy Gulberg Town Campus.

GreenHall is a Best Academy of Lahore with Inspiring Top Notch Faculty of O-Level , A-Level, SAT I&II, and Junior Section (Grade 3-8).
7 branches, 30 National & International Distinctions, 120 publications & 175 Best Teachers faculty makes GreenHall Academy best academy of Lahore.
Green Hall Academy has broadly divided its classes (excluding Entry Tests) in two sections. The Junior Section of the institute provides evening coaching classes to the students from Grade 3 to 8, offering support and aid in homework assigned by the school and also assisting students in covering the prescribed school syllabus.
The Junior Section is split into two groups in order to control the volume of the class and to provide every student with an adequate amount of individual attention as the school and syllabus pattern of each student differs significantly from the other in all respects.
A Summer Camp for the Junior Section is conducted each year during the summer vacations, which focuses on guiding the students and acquainting them with syllabus of their new classes as well as granting Holiday Homework Support.
Preparation is also offered for the Cambridge Checkpoints of primary and secondary level held each year by the CAIE.
The Senior Section includes classes of O-level and A-level are conducted in the mode of a Crash Course lasting for the duration of 3 months.
The subjects for the classes of O levels are generally split into three groups i.e. Humanities, Business and Sciences, apart from the compulsory subjects of Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, English and Urdu.
The classes of A-levels follow the same comprehensive division of these three main groups.
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