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Frequently Asked Question

Green Hall has established itself as a leading name in the field of education catering exclusively to the students who have opted for CAIE’s in Pakistan. The Institution through vast experience and years of familiarity with CAIE has adopted ground breaking techniques to teach students methods by which they could maximize their grades and secure distinctions.

Green Hall Academy offers evening coaching facilities for Grade 3-9 | O-I | O/A Level | SAT I&II | ILETS | ECAT& MDCAT.

The usual routine of cramming and sticking to a dull, monotonous structure has been replaced by advanced methods of teaching in which focus is provided on building the core concepts of students. This is reinforced by not administering repetitive tests of obvious topics and questions rather by conducting Seminars, Workshops and our tested format of frequently organizing ATP’s by which an interactive environment conducive to learning is provided to students.

Our Sessions focus upon a significant structure of a three month duration covering the complete curriculum exclusively in a Crash Course method. GHA conducts 3 crash course programs of O/A Level June to September, October to December and January to March followed by a Past Paper and Test Session held in April.

Green Hall offers coaching facilities for Grade 3 to 8 throughout the year. Highly qualified teachers bearing a vast amount experience are appointed. The Junior section has been divided into two groups 3:30 to 5:30 and 5:30 to 7:30 and an adequate amount of individual attention is provided to each student.

At Green Hall each class is divided into small groups. One teacher is assigned to cover Math’s and Science subjects and another to cater to English, Urdu and miscellaneous subjects, individual attention is paid to each student focusing solely on their school curriculum and building their concepts at a basic level.

The summer camp at Green Hall Academy focuses on core subjects for the junior section, building the foundation in Mathematics, improving the capability of each student in Urdu, focusing on creative writing in English language and improving their overall fluency in each language.GHA also provides quality coaching facilities for the Cambridge Check Points for Grade 5 and Grade 8.

Green Hall Academy offers preparation for both SAT I &II. The SAT preparation is of 2 month duration with the session beginning a new after frequent short intervals. SAT I course is designed for students aspiring to join the programmes of Business, Humanities or miscellaneous courses for undergraduate degree. The SAT II is for students wanting to acquire admission in Medical or Engineering disciplines. The syllabus is designed keeping in view the current standards of the College Board and to maximize the SAT score.